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Lifestyle vets offers vaccinations based on the most up to date  vaccine knowledge. We recommend vaccinating all young animals  3 times to ensure full immunity develops.

A 12 mth booster is then due to maximise every individuals response.

Once full immunity has been achieved adult vaccines are given every 3 years. Just like the Australian Veterinary association has been suggesting since 2009 and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association has been suggesting since 2007


Call to book your vaccines now  0478 213 313

All vaccines are superb value at only $100.00. We don't want you to feel pressurised to make a health decision based on finances so all vaccines are the same affordable price.

We use vaccines that are safe and effective allowing less frequent injections in adult animals.


We are able to offer titre testing and confirm whether further vaccines are required to maintain adult immunity in any individual that requests. If you want to read more about vaccines and your pets health have a read of the articles coming to our blog. I have to admit I have been busier than I expected and have not made time to write anything I am happy to yet publish on the blog, it will come.


If your pets vaccines are nearing due give us a try we are sure you will be happy with our service and knowledge.

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