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Euthanasia is probably the hardest part of pet ownership. It is never the less, a very important part and an extremely positive one allowing us to avoid suffering in ill and elderly pets. Making the decision to say goodbye to someone so dear can be extremely difficult. Lifestyle Vets are able to offer a compassionate at home euthanasia service to make an emotional time a little easier for you. Allowing your pet to pass peacefully at home can reduce any unwanted stress for all involved and allow you to grieve in the comfort of your own home.

You and your family are welcome to be with your pet and hold them at this time.


We offer cremation services through lawnswood pet crematorium. They allow us to offer you 3 levels of service from 

  •  general cremation where ashes are respectfully scattered with others at the cemetery grounds 
  •  individual cremation with return of your pets ashes in a vessel of your choosing
  •  traditional burial within the cemetery grounds in the Avon Valley

Alternatively home burial on your own property can be arranged.

If you would like discuss any of these choices further please call.


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