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Visit costs total $115 for the first animal and include the consultation fee and travel, $95 for any subsequent animal or revisit/rechecks of problems under current treatments with us. These fee's include travel within Busselton, Capel and Cowarump

Travel further afield will be charged at  30 cents  per kilometre, charged for the full return journey.

We can no longer service Bunbury and Margaret due to hi work demands more locally(not animal)

Nannup will have $40 travel charges

Augusta will have $55 travel charges


If you wish to share travel charges with friends or neighbours we are happy to provide vaccine parties or group visits to one site or even a street if you book together and let us know prior to the visits.


All adult vaccines will cost simply $100, yes all vaccines and we use triennial vaccines in adult dogs and offer all options to cats at the same low price


Microchipping cost are $50


Zydax/Cartrophen courses range from $35 to $70 per injection depending on the size of your pet plus a single consultation fee.


Euthanasia ranges from $100 to $150

Euthanasia with standard cremation ranges from $135 to $200

Individual cremation cost range from $245 to $345, all of these prices are dependant on the size of your pet

These price are all inclusive, based on the size of the pet and there are no additional travel charges. Within the 35kms of Busselton 



Worming products for dogs are $3.50 for a 10 kg dog ,it will be hard to find better value anywhere

We can't match the price of on line flea products with our wholesale pricing being fairly much the same as the cost to you. Generally all flea products whther they be spot on or oral or just for fleas or broad spectrum should cost approximately $15 a month. I use that as a rule of thumb to look at costings and work out good value. 

Of course this list isn't exhaustive and the bottom line is we don't do loss leaders or specials to entice you only to catch you somewhere else. We just price fairly for what we offer and apply this same ethic across every one of our products and services.


Payments are accepted in cash, cheque or we carry a mobile eftpos.

Bank transfer, cheques and payments directly into any Bankwest branch are accepted for invoice payments.


For any other estimates please call us and tell us what you need we are confident we can provide great care at great prices.

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